BoltBus: From NYC To DC, As Low As $1

2008_02_boltbus.jpgThe NYC-DC bus fare wars have a new player: Greyhound division BoltBus will be launching service on March 27 and has started to sell tickets for as low a $1 (plus a 50 cent booking fee).

DCist explains BoltBus “operates on the EasyJet principle, where tickets start out dirt cheap and get more expensive as the bus gets fuller. I just purchased a ticket for $7, and if I had been willing to leave on a Saturday afternoon the same weekend, it would have cost me only $1.”

BoltBus will offer eight trips daily; there are two stops in Manhattan – Canal & 6th Avenue and 33rd Street and 11th Avenue – and the stop in DC is 11th and G. There’s a frequent rider rewards program – take 8 trips, get a free round-trip ticket – and WiFi. (DC2NY, which charges $22-25 one-way, also has WiFi.)

This much is possible: The buses will be cleaner than Chinatown buses.

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