Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack

June 6th, 2008

from the Sports Enthusiast

Not so very long ago before the proliferation of cable television, and the opportunity to see as many baseball games as your eyes could handle, there was only one game broadcast a week,” The Game Of The Week “ on NBC. In August of 1972 Bob Costas and Tony Kubek were broadcasting a forgettable game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Baltimore Orioles. As the contest began less compelling Bob and Tony began a discussion of great Ballpark food. At this point they jointly agreed that the bratwurst at Milwaukee’s County Stadium dipped in the “Secret Red Sauce “ was the single best entrée in the Major Leagues. Well as Bob Costas tells the story several weeks later he receives a letter from a fan from in Stevens Point Wisconsin. The letter contained a newspaper cut out of that particular games box score and a picture of the letter writer’s friend Ma Pesch. As Bob describes Ma from the picture he was giant of a man in Bib overalls and had to have tipped the Toledo’s at some 350 The letter writer wrote something as follows .
Dear Bob: I recently read that you had declared on your recent broadcast that the bratwurst dipped in the secret stadium sauce at Milwaukee’s County Stadium to be the best entrée in all of baseball. We agree. I have enclosed a picture of my good friend Ma Pesch. I thought you might find it interesting that at that very game you spoke so glowingly of the County Stadium Brats, Ma had his best eating day ever, downing twelve sausages. What was particularly noteworthy was that Ma had never eaten well against Baltimore before. The letter went on to challenge Bob to and eating contest against Ma on a future visit to Milwaukee. I’ve heard Costa’s tell this story many times and laugh ever time I hear it.

Here are the ingredients listed on the bottle for Secret Stadium Sauce: Water, tomato paste, corn syrup, vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, salt, modified food starch, spice blend (salt, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, spices and spices extractives), BHA and BHT (preservatives, less than 2 percent triacaicium phosphate added to prevent caking, sodium benzoate (preservatives), capsicum.

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One Comment on “Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack”

  1. tom regan Says:

    These ramblings have Unibomber written all over them…

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