Dear Rachel Maddow,

March 13th, 2008

You have proven once again that one can have class(surprise!) as a political commentator. Last night during a heated exchange between Pat Buchanan and Keli Goff, you called Pat out on his remark to Keli to “Shut up”. I applaud you. We are all tired of this primary season, everyone needs a break, but most of all people like Pat and Chris Mathews need a vacation. Pat lost his cool and now is paying a high price for that. Rachel Maddow is a rising star in the world of political commentary. We know she is already committed to her own show on Air America but hopefully when her contract is up, she will be given her own tv show in a desired time slot. Here is the transcript from the exchange on the Dan Abrams show:

Buchanan:”In Iowa and New Hampshire, there aren’t that many black folks. He skipped Michigan, the first big contest besides South Carolina –

Goff: “Because he’s black?”

Buchanan:”HOLD IT!” [cross talk] Shut up for a second, please!”

Goff:”Excuse me, don’t talk to me like that, Pat. That’s inappropriate. [snip]

Maddow:”First of all I would just say, as a matter of procedure here, Pat, I’ve been on television with you a million times and I’ve never heard you tell anybody to shut up before. That was absolutely, completely ridiculous of you. Second of all, tell me about how the black vote explains Obama’s win in Utah.”

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