How low can we go?

March 5th, 2008

Lots o people want to know what the goodegg thinks of the current market situation. So , here are my thoughts: You ought to be stockpiling cans of tuna, ammunition and hard cold cash under the mattress because things are going to be really volatile for awhile. But if you like risk, then this is the time to get in and bet the farm. My real thoughts are wait until the FOMC meet on the 18th. The Fed funds are predicting .75 rate cut and another in April. That should help the markets short term. Unfortunately, the real effect from the rate cuts don’t make a difference for 6-9 months after the cut. Whatz a gal to do in such dire times? Take the refund from the stimulus rebate and blow the whole wad on itunes to block out all the noise until the election is over.

I’m shocked that Goog is no longer trading at $700.00 per share. Things really are getting bad. NOT

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