Like we don’t have enough to worry about. Now the aliens want a little attention

January 22nd, 2008

by goodegg

grey alien pictures

Is it a conspiracy that so many regular people and experts from around the world have witnessed life from beyond? Who are all these people documenting their experiences with spaceships and government cover up? Why do some of these people who are probing on our behalf turn up missing or dead? Are the aliens that smart? Or are the secret societies so controlling that they know everyone that will expose the next life for what it is? Who knows? I mean, come on now! We have a lot on our plate already. Super Tuesday, the pending recession and market crash, American Idol etc… Most don’t have time in their day to day schedules to contemplate life from other heavenly places. I wonder what Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan knew when they referred to them in a few of their speeches? I suppose we have nothing to worry about because our fearless leaders will give us the heads-up when things are about to change around here. They always do… (not)!

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2 Comments on “Like we don’t have enough to worry about. Now the aliens want a little attention”

  1. dianaallen Says:

    Ithink that aliena have alwayes been hear AROUNDS US

  2. Joseph Htway Says:

    so interesting

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