Obama and McCain

February 13th, 2008


Potomac primaries: McCain won without the help of the far right and the independent vote. Looks like the independents are going for Obama which will create a huge problem in the real election. The only hope for McCain, at this point, would be if Hillary comes back from the dead and wins the nomination. That is all he can hope for. Of course, Diebold (member them?), can fix the voting machines like they have in the past to either soften the blow or just give him the win. However, his base, would rather have a democrat to kick around for 4 more years than to have McCain at the helm. On another note, another Republican congressman is retiring. That brings the total to 29. Yikes, Mr. Bush, your friends are jumping ship at an alarming rate. Are you sure you aren’t president of Carnival Cruise-lines?

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