Ron Paul

February 1st, 2008

by goodegg

Ron Paul is not my candidate of choice, however, the guy is being run out of town and silenced in this election. Dr. Paul, according to many (including Giuliani) won all the debates. Not only that, but his numbers in New Hampshire were much better than reported. Something was very suspicious in that primary. Many townships said he received 15% of the vote, but the official count gives him 8-9%. The town of Sutton admitted it voided all of Paul’s votes. They chalked it up to “human error”. Human error? I don’t think so! The election crooks won’t stop until Ron Paul gives up. Ron Paul is the only Republican willing to speak out against the trillion dollar war, pharmaceutical companies, insurance thief’s, and the Federal Reserves mismanagement of our country’s finances. He also wants to put an end to the oil profits that seem to benefit only a few.

If Ron Paul decides to become a 3rd party candidate, which is entirely possible, then McCain and Romney had better watch out. His numbers and popularity will be hard to ignore.

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