The goodegg weekly roundup

January 26th, 2008

by goodegg

The death of actor Heath Ledger was shocking. Here was a young actor with great potential way above the usual Hollywood fare. Unfortunately, for better or worse, he gravitated to roles that were both dark and about “real” people which possibly got into his psyche a bit too deep. Who wouldn’t be reliant on sleeping pills to make those kinds of movies in addition to never getting over jet-lag from constant trans-Atlantic flights. Daughter Matilda will derive peace knowing her dad did great work and was very, very different from the usual follow the money stupidity in Hollywood.

In health news: The NY Times did their best to scare all the sushi-lovin’ folks against the high levels of mercury in our beloved Tuna. Thanks guys! Now why don’t you tell us the real story behind it. Is it a coincidence that Nobu, the famous sushi joint owned by Robert Deniro, was singled out? Hmmmm. Talk to any Japanese health expert and find out just how ridiculous this finding was. The Japanese eat many times more the amount of tuna that we eat. They seem pretty healthy in my estimation. Healthy enough to own quite a bit of the old US of A! Hmmmmmmm……. I smell a ROTTEN EGG.

And how about Dannon Yogurt being sued for price gouging and false advertising? The media is all over this as usual. Just like the whole “super-foods” craze. It is helpful to know which foods give you the biggest bang for your buck, but we would need to consume those foods (blueberries, tomatoes, flax, green tea, almonds,etc…..) in bulk for it to have a substantial impact on ones body.

Now for the campaign trail: as Heidi Klum says, “One day you’re in and the next day…you’re out”. I think they should ALL be out. Oprah and David Letterman should be forced to take back the White House for the American people. That’s what i’m talking about here. Who are these clowns? And who in the heck sent them in? McCain has moved up in the rankings because the other candidates are imploding . Giuliani is running out of cash and ideas. He also is known for bad and secretive policies, racial polarization, etc… He did do many great things for NY, but his inability to govern his personal life in addition to shady decisions for the city of New York will make it hard to gain momentum. The Huckster thinks the line between Church and State should be blurred beyond fuzzy. He does seem the most likable and funny by far. Romney is annoying with his perfect country club persona. Unfortunately, many of his business dealings (Marriott hotels) are seedy. I am sure these affiliations will come out in the days to come if he picks up steam as the nominee. Thank God Fred Thompson is gone. He was more popular when people didn’t know who he was. Dennis Kucinich is gone, but watch for him on Monday when the impeachment agenda moves forward. I know many of you were waiting for my special Dennis Kucinich flax-seed power bread. Sorry! Hopefully there will be other election delicacies to buy later. Ron Paul, though I’m not sure how extreme he really is, should be given, at least, the same amount of time the others are getting. He did as well as Fred Thompson and beat out Giuliani in a few primaries, but because he doesn’t play ball with the Bush Camp or Fox Network, he is left out. That brings me to the best Republican out there: Hillary. Yes, Hillary is the best Republican out there. She plays nice with Aipac, the military, Iraq, etc……. But she also has new ideas for the democratic party. But, by far, the worst offense of the Republican party is their use of sweaters. You all look terrible in them!!!! Barack is doing quite well, but gotta stop complaining about Bill. Toughen up-it’s politics. John Edwards is the benefactor of all the drama between Hillary and Barack. He is really tackling some of the more pertinent issues and hopefully he will end up in one of the cabinets. They are all decent and annoying for different reasons. Hopefully this next week the candidates will decide to stop bringing one another down and start discussing how we will turn this ship around. Our country is in a Heap of trouble and it is going to take greatness to turn this ship around. As things move forward to impeach Bush and Cheney for war crimes and lies, the country, especially the Republicans, need to ask: how were we duped by these men? They ruined the country’s standing in the world and have made a mockery of the Constitution. Maybe the New World Order is falling into place. I’m just sayin…….

If our Congress can step in this week and make sure our privacy is not sold up the lazy river, then I will feel there is hope for our country. Contact your senator and demand that they put the privacy demands of our citizens ahead of the Bush’s desire to eavesdrop at will. Our country and constitution are NOT for sale.

The market crash was sobering except for the guys in fancy suits and fluorescent ties. They knew it was coming and had the market shorted. So they made lots of moo-la on the way down as well as the way up. Now I know your wondering if it’s a safe time to jump in and buy that stock on your “watch”list. Yes, it is….Also, those banking stocks that have been beaten down are a good bet. Don’t get me started, however, on the sham these bankers are guilty of with their write-offs. Wouldn’t it be nice if us regular-folk could say: man, I kind of got in over my head, I think i’ll just tell the government that I can’t pay taxes on most of my income this year or can’t afford my debt. Yep, different standards for the “big boys”. What about the gazillions of dollars they all made during the Clinton years. Yep, i’m sure they never asked the government for help on what do do with all that money.

But remember: don’t put all your eggs in one basket, unless their chocolate.

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