The Green and Gold will leave them Black and Blue !

January 17th, 2008

by goodegg

The emotional journey to the Super Bowl starts right now. The NY newspapers show Brett Favre on the ground in every shot. Sounds like they have a plan. So we need to put down the heavy machinery, school books, put the kids on auto-pilot for a few days, and turn off all cell phones and computers. We need to concentrate and focus until game-day. To win, everyone needs to be on the same page for our beloved Green and Gold.

The Gotham city mayor has placed a wager with the Green Bay mayor. Now, tell me if this sounds fair: If the Pack wins, the mayor receives cheesecake from Carnegie Deli, 20 lbs. of Peter Luger porterhouse steaks with 6 bottles of special sauce and a case of Brooklyn Brew. If the Giants win, they get 20 lbs of cheese spreads, candies from Beerntsen’s and cheese-wedge sunglasses. Not sure if it’s fair, but you be the judge.

Go Pack!

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