Trillion $$$$$ War

February 15th, 2008

According to a recent Harvard University report, the VA is projected to spend up to $700 billion over the next 40 years for medical care and disability payments for veterans of the 2 wars. In addition, billions are spent every week in Iraq with costs associated with the war.

So, while president Bush helps his friends profit from the oil business, our treasury is going bankrupt, the economy is falling apart, many social programs for American taxpayers are no longer available and all citizens are under the watchful eye of Big Brother. The gap between the have and have- nots is widening and when people like Bloomberg and Buffet make comments about our country turning into a third world country, we should take notice.

Maybe the North American Union isn’t so far off.  Start collecting

your Ameros.

Which of the candidates for President can best turn this ship around for Americans?

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