Brett Favre, are you for real?

I hope you’re as good as you think you are this year.  Will your legendary status be changed forever?


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3 Comments on “Brett Favre, are you for real?”

  1. randy Johnson Says:

    I think Favre’s ego got in the way. I honestly hope, if he manages to worm his way back into starting, that he looks like the Favre of last year and not that washed up, stumblebum of the previous two.
    It will happen sooner or later if he keeps on playing. I’m old enough to remember Unitas as a Charger, Namath as a Ram, and Willy Mays as a Met. Pitiful looking all. I don’t like my heroes to look fallible.
    Fave should have retired and left us with last year.

  2. pface Says:

    i am so disappointed in him. clearly there is a completely oversized ego. I would not be surprised if the packers do trade him, even to the vikings (gasp!). its just too bad that he does not understand how his flip-flopping about retirement over the past several years has put the packers in a jam.

    On the other hand, if he takes the packers to the superbowl all will be forgiven! lets not forget that we are packer fans in the end.

  3. Bill Says:

    Last night on local television when they were tracking his plane on radar from Mississippi to Green Bay ‘like Santa Claus sleigh on Christmas Eve , I was reminded of the coverage of O J Simpson in the Bronco. I feel this will end very badly for Brett. I have visions of the famous photograph of and aging Y.A.Title of the NY Giants on his knees helmet off dazed with blood streaming down his face,after a vicious hit by Big Daddy Lipscomb of the Pittsburgh Steelers. By the way has there ever been a better name for a defensive lineman than Big Daddy Lipscomb ? I thought this thing had hit bottom last week when the Packers offered him the 20 million dollar personal services contract. Personal services contract ,please…..this was straight from the Gambino family playbook ,no more than a bribe to get him to stay away. Like Charlie Sheen once said about the Hookers ” I don’t pay them for the sex I pay them to leave” This is destined to end no better than the Hindenburg did at Lakehurst New Jersey in 1938. I envision myself on that fateful day in front of my 61 inch Sony screaming the exact same words as the announcer did that fateful day in 38 “Oh The Humanity Oh The Humanity’. I hope I’m wrong

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