China, are you for real?

It’s so sad that China would think that the rest of the world wouldn’t enjoy the beautiful voice of a 7 year old without her also being cute.  Using the voice of Yang Peiyi and looks of Lin Miaoki, for the opening night ceremony in Beijing is ridiculous.  Come on, they are both cute..buck teeth and all….but it would have been more popular had they used the real voice with the real face behind it.  Why is there a need to make everything look so perfect to the rest of the world?  And what about the lying of the girl gymnasts?  Right, they are all over 15 years of age.  Don’t think so.  If they weren’t the host nation, there would be an investigation for sure.

Play on, China…

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3 Comments on “China, are you for real?”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I think China government officials forgot about a little thing called the Internet that most world citizens have free access to, even if their own do not – a place where there are few secrets these days. As for the lies about the ages of those itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, very young Chinese female gymnasts, they were likely propogated by the Chinese government, too. Those little girls were undoubtedly provided with passports complimentary of their own government. I doubt very much the lies started with the gymnasts themselves.

  2. We like to think of our culture as enlightened. But we may have simply just picked the “pretty” girl with the not-as-perfect voice. Our bias is more subtle, but still there.

  3. larue Says:

    Why didn’t they just give the first girl some new teeth? Wouldn’t that be easier than teaching the new girl to lisynch?

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