A Few Things The Sports Enthusiast Has Learned At 57

I enjoyed the Major league baseball “experience “ as it is now referred to by those who market the game better when it was just baseball.  I enjoyed it better when the only sounds to be heard within the ballpark itself were those naturally created by the event itself. The crack of the bat, the murmur and cheers of the crowd, the conversations by fellow fans all around you.  The constant need to blare the music at me and the electronic ribbons between decks that I’m convinced threaten some type of seizure if stared at too long, I wish they would all go away.

I liked the World Series better when the games were played in the afternoon. When autumnal shadows moved from the first to third base as the game wore on

I wish I could duplicate the excitement I felt as a grade school student when a benevolent teacher would wheel in that television at World Series time to allow you to watch the game

I think it was better world when kids played sports without parent involvement All the well intended parent involvement has created a culture where you almost never see kids out playing the games just by themselves anymore To play without some adult to call ball or strike, fair or foul seems to be completely foreign, to today’s youth You can drive by almost any park or playground on any given day and if there is sports activities there will be parents. This is especially true in the sport of soccer, where you will be hard pressed to find kids playing in a pickup game without Mom or Dad somewhere near by.

I think the similarities between sports and politics are striking. In sports you pick a team to root and cheer for. In politics you pick a candidate to do the same. You may be a Yankees Fan your friend a Mets Fan. You may be a Republican your friend a Democrat.  The sports and political seasons culminate in the championship and the election. There is much cheering and emotional involvement as the score is posted.  More involvement and cheering if you’ve placed a bet on your sports team, or if your line for some type of patronage or government job as a result of the election. Finally it’s over, your team, your candidate, won or lost.  Good or bad feelings set in, fortunately  with a shelf life of   about a day. Hopefully you remain friends with those on the opposite team because in the ,end win or lose you realize, as it has in the past the score /results will make no difference in your life, it was just a game or and election. You can go back to whatever you were doing knowing in the end you are responsible for your own  happiness and future not your team or your candidate.

I’ll always get mad in a High School Game when the score is long pass being determined and not  every kid gets a chance to play

I think Hinkle Fieldhouse on the Butler University Campus where they filmed the deciding game in the movie “Hoosiers” is the neatest place I’ve ever watched a basketball game

The Lombardi Packers remain my Heroes

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3 Comments on “A Few Things The Sports Enthusiast Has Learned At 57”

  1. highdee Says:

    I’m right there with you, Sports Enthusiast! I, too, recall the excitement of listening to the World Series on my grade school band teacher’s little transistor radio in the band room. I’ll never forget it.

    Another sweet memory for me are the sandlot games our boys played at Cahill during
    their grade school years on the last weekend of the summer together with friends and neighbors. There were always bag lunches and just one set of parents – me and my husband. Watching the boys work things out together on the field was always a revelation to us and invariably a source of good, old-fashioned entertainment.

  2. Iron Mill refuge Says:

    Your not alone Enthusiast. I too dislike the prompting to cheer; knowing that fuschia is the Astro 3rd-baseman’s favorite color; the Mullet watch. Give me the line up and the statistics, they game will take care of the rest.

    I admit that I do like the radar gun. Wish they had it when the Bob Veale pitched.

    None of my classmates will forget when our 6th grade teacher snuck the portable b/w 12″ into St. Al’s and we watche the Amazing Mets win it all is ’69.

  3. tom regan Says:

    Right. And what ever happened to the flying wedge..? And why turn on age group soccer; how else can you kickstart America into the 20th century, not to mention the 21st? And how would those Lombardi teams make out today without dramatic changes in coaching philosophy and technology. It’s evolution, my friend…Dust off the old turntable, and take a listen to David Bowie’s “Changes.”

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