Blue Gal tells the blogoshpere why Sarah Palin is a not-so- good parent.

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2 Comments on “Blue Gal tells the blogoshpere why Sarah Palin is a not-so- good parent.”

  1. Bill Says:

    Apparently the game has changed and I missed it,shame on me. I thought it was the “moral majority’ who stood in judgement of who was a good parent or a bad parent I guess they’ve got company. Bad Mother Holy Judgmental Batman !! Why the name calling idiot ,liar,as long as this type of ‘discussion’ continues there is no “hope’ . I’m sure of only one thing children’s behavior cannot always be linked to the parenting skills of the parents. We all know of cases where devoted parents lives have been shattered by the behavior of their children,through no fault of their own . Congratulations to Barack Obama for indicating that the children piece should be off limits. Blugal for the moment breath in breath out ,think about some Anger management classes. I don’t know you or Ms Palin ,but I know this I’d rather spend time with Ms Palin,your type of anger turns me off.

  2. Blue Gal Says:

    Bill I hope you’ll come back and get to know me better. You’ll find I laugh far more than I growl.

    I thought long and hard before posting that piece, but Sarah Palin made her mothering skills a part of her qualification for being Vice President. I can’t take that back for her.

    And frankly I’m still dubious regarding her actual maternity of little Trig. Having given birth three times I can’t imagine knowing I was going to have a Down’s kid, my water breaking, and then speaking, flying, 3 hour layover, flying, driving, etc etc. just to give birth in deepest Alaska. It defies my credulity.

    Thanks much for the link, Good Egg.

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