Good news and bad news. The good news: DR. Klickner will be back next week with a new photo. The bad news: The planned collapse of America is on schedule according to the article below.

Check out this analysis from Peter Chamberlin here.

Statue of Liberty

Below is a comment left elsewhere.

Any dictator knows you have to suppress intellectuals and ban books, while controlling the educationial system, to be effective. It’s no wonder they’re letting the schools go to hell, and want to control the Supreme Court.
If McCain gets to make the Supreme Court a totally far right entity, game over for democracy in this country. The religious zealots will seize control, and the rest of us will either have to leave the country, or endure suppression such as this nation has never known.
Just as it was in 1860, we stand to see whether this nation, as it was created to be, can long endure. That it might be brought down by a “hockey mom,” rather than an outside threat such as communism, is irony on an epic scale….

The goodegg really does love all the emails and comments sent her  way.  We need to get this election right this time,  and all debate is good so long as it isn’t mean-spirited.  Thanks again for  the emails.  Go Pack!!!

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