Between fraud with the Diebold voting machines  and intentional means to keep voters from voting through Republican tactics, why would anyone think we have a true democracy here?  Just sayin’.  Let’s let the elderly, students, and homeowners of foreclosed properties vote just like everyone else. If we had been honest all along, maybe there wouldn’t be such anger and desparity.

Here is a book from Allen Raymond that explains just how he helped the Republicans skew the vote.

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One Comment on “HOW TO RIG AN ELECTION by Raymond Allen”

  1. Julia Says:

    Goodegg, all of this is terribly depressing! I am glad you are shining the light on the injustices and applying constant pressure to the wound. Watching the nightly news is pretty surreal and incredibly anxiety-inducing.

    I just heard that David Foster Wallace, author of Infinite Jest, a visionary book of our future entertainment/media-numbed society, hanged himself. He is our latest canary in the coalmine. He presented a nightmare snapshot of our future, that was ultimately embraced, lauded and considered hugely entertaining by the masses.

    Last night as I watched Brian Williams interview the experts of the financial crisis, I heard them say, ‘We don’t know when this will all end, how bad it will get….’
    I suddenly remembered my grandmother years ago, telling me that there would one day be a revolution, she was sure of it. This idea always excited me, as if some third-party ‘they’ would be the ones to suffer, while the rest of us ‘good people’ would reap the benefits. Yesterday I felt clearly that we all must suffer, before a revolution can occur. Even me. I may not be dealing with a flooded, uninhabitable home, or staggering losses on the stock market, but I can feel the unease and anxiety growing stronger in me every day, and it is hard to concentrate on anything. Perhaps I need to dust off that faded meditation pillow and start envisioning a positive outcome, and hope for all of us. It can’t hurt, right?

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