Great post from Johnny-a man without a blog…Love ya..

> The baseball stars have been crossed this week, and our fair city
> seems to be at the vortex.  In an effort to organize my thoughts, I
> wrote the following to a friend earlier today.  He replied that I
> should put this in a blog.  But I don’t have a blog.  So I just looked
> up the baseball fans in my contact list (that’s you, dudes!).  So
> here’s my non-blog of the day:
> —–
> Just checking my facts here.  Let’s see…a no-hitter Sunday, a one-
> hitter Monday.
> The home team has no fans and the visitors are in the home clubhouse.
> The REAL home team is in the visitors city, waiting for them to get
> home.  The visitors probably don’t want to leave Miller Park, where
> they seem to be golden.  The temporary home team’s fans can’t even
> watch on TV (not that they’d want to) because they have no
> electricity.  The REAL home team adds a little juice to the plot by
> firing its manager…in the visiting team’s city (of course!).  What
> next?!?!? Well, obviously, the home team’s press corps races to the
> visiting team’s town to cover the stunning news, while the visiting
> team’s press corps remains behind, in the REAL home team’s town,
> scratching its collective head in an effort to come up with new
> superlatives about the visiting team’s pitching staff.  Have I missed
> anything?
> Johnny

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