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October 30, 2008


As many of you know, I have way too many drummers in my life. Tokyo-based drum trio, d.v.d., has synchronized instruments (2 drums) to flash technology. All looks like a fancy video game.This trio recently won an honorable mention in Ars Electronica. the International competition for cyber arts. This is especially dedicated to one of my favo-o drummers in Europe .

October 30, 2008

d.v.d info here


October 28, 2008

Girls 4 Obama

By Melissa McEwan

In the comments of this thread, a couple people commented that they hadn’t seen any/as many pictures of little girls gazing raptly at Obama, cheering for him, hugging him, and otherwise interacting with him, compared to the number of images we’ve seen of little boys. They’re out there—that we don’t see them as much probably has a lot to do with the typical bias that excludes girls and women from stories as long as there are boys and men to focus on. But that bias doesn’t exist here—so, for your viewing pleasure, a collection of girls who love Obama, beginning with one of my favorite pictures of this campaign season, which happened to be taken at a diner not 2 miles from my house.

I thought my son was the only person on earth that hated Cilantro.

October 27, 2008

Apparently there are others.  In fact, here is a blog dedicated to the leafy green called I HATE CILANTRO.

Just can’t imagine Mexican food without it……….



October 23, 2008

By Karen Zipdrive

Worth a Thousand Words

I’m not saying having holes in one’s shoes is a desirable trait, I’m saying it’s nice to see Obama is more concerned with substance than style.
I think recent revelations about the GOP’s $150,000 efforts to clean up their dowdy hockey mom settles the elitist issue.
It’s been said a presidential candidate has to be a millionaire to even get in the race, and I have no doubt the Obamas are worth at least a million dollars.
I’m just pleased to see they shop off the rack like the rest of us so they understand regular people who have to live within a reasonable budget.
As for Obama and his shoes, I don’t think anyone who contributed to his campaign would make a peep if they heard he spent $200 on a new pair.


October 22, 2008

Dems just wanna have fun…… GOP Ohio suit derailed

October 20, 2008